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Digestive Support*

Curcumin (Turmeric Root Extract), 665 mg


ITEM NUMBER: P4638 COUNT: 60 Veg Capsules View Technical Sheet Curcumin (Turmeric Root Extract) 60 Veg Capsules / 665 mg -Standardized Extract -95% Curcuminoids How it Works:  Curcumin is the principle bioactive constituent present in the roots of Turmeric (Curcuma longa), a plant belonging to the ginger family. Turmeric has a long history of use in traditional Ayurvedic herbalism, and it has...



ITEM NUMBER: P2963 COUNT: 120 Capsules Enzymes-HCl™ 120 Capsules -Formulated with Enzymes & Betaine HCl -Optimizes Nutrient Bioavailability* How it Works:  Protocol For Life Balance® Enzymes-HCl™ is a comprehensive enzyme formula designed to support both gastric and intestinal digestive functions.* The inclusion of Betaine HCl helps to start digestion by the stomach and prepares the correct pH...

GI Guard™ AM


ITEM NUMBER: P3345 COUNT: 60 Tablets View Technical SheetGI Guard™ AM -Supports Daytime Gastric Health and Comfort*-Use with GI Guard™ PM How it Works: GI Guard™ AM is a formulation for GI health using the clinically validated ingredient, PepZin GI™, a proprietary form of Zinc complexed with L-Carnosine.* PepZin GI™ is slowly absorbed in the stomach, where it promotes normal mucous secretion,...

GI Guard™ PM


ITEM NUMBER: P2997 COUNT: 60 Veg Capsules View Technical SheetGI Guard™ PMWith PepZin GI™-Supports Nighttime Gastric Health and Comfort*-Use with GI Guard™ AMHow it Works: GI Guard™ PM is a nutritional formula with PepZin GI™, melatonin, amino acids, and B vitamins designed to help maintain the strength and integrity of the gastrointestinal mucosal barrier.* GI Guard™ PM features PepZin GI™,...

Melatonin (Extra Strength), 10 mg


ITEM NUMBER: P3557 COUNT: 100 Veg Capsules Melatonin (Extra Strength) 10 mg -Healthy Sleep Cycle* -Supports Gastrointestinal Health* How it Works:  Melatonin is a potent free radical scavenger naturally produced in the pineal gland and the GI tract.* It is involved in many of the regulatory processes of the body, including regulation of glandular secretory functions related to the maintenance of...

Ortho Dophilus™


ITEM NUMBER: P2912 COUNT: 60 Veg Capsules View Technical Sheet Ortho Dophilus™8 Strains & 4 Billion Per Capsule-With FOS / Dairy & Gluten Free-Supports Healthy Immune System & Healthy Digestion*How it Works:  Probiotic bacterial species are known to exist and thrive in the human digestive tract. These microorganisms assist in proper digestion, support detoxification, and are a necessary...