Protocol For Life Balance® product availability

Where can I purchase Protocol For Life Balance® products?

Protocol For Life Balance® products are available for purchase through natural healthcare practitioners and in some pharmacies located throughout the United States.

They are also available for sale in Canada via healthcare practitioners.

To obtain a list of healthcare practitioners or pharmacies near you selling our products please contact us at (877) 776-8610 or SALES@PROTOCOLFORLIFE.COM.

Through whom do we sell our supplements?

We sell our supplements through a wide variety of healthcare practitioners such as chiropractors, natural medicine doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmacies with an orientation in natural and complementary medicine. We also sell our products through distributors:
Emerson Ecologics®

Natural Partners


Evolving Nutrition

Meyer DC


Doctor Supplement Store


If you wish to become a distributor or sell our products in your practice or pharmacy, please contact us at (877) 776-8610 or SALES@PROTOCOLFORLIFE.COM. Our sales team will gladly guide you through the simple procedure we use to vet our distributors and retailers. We will work together to support you in your efforts to provide high-quality, affordable supplements to your patients.

Are you wondering why we prefer that you purchase our supplements from a healthcare professional?

It is because we believe that our products work best when paired with the recommendation of a healthcare practitioner or a pharmacist. The expertise of a healthcare practitioner who can recommend the right supplement at the right dosage is priceless. You are entrusting them with your most precious asset: your health. And we are entrusting them with our best supplements.

Healthcare professionals are the cornerstone of our success as they can truly guide you and tailor a supplement program that suits your unique health needs.

You can find our supplements directly online through third-party websites; however, we prefer that you acquire them with the help of a healthcare practitioner, as their expertise will ensure that you receive the right supplement at the right dosage.