Naturokinetics® is the Foundation for our Formulations

What is Naturokinetics®?

NATUROKINETICS® is a compilation of scientific data that details how nutrients and natural substances are absorbed, distributed, metabolized by and eliminated from the body.

Pharmacokinetics meets natural products

NATUROKINETICS® is based on the same scientific principles as pharmacokinetics, but customized for natural products that are non-drug, non-synthetic, and most of which are already part of a normal, healthy metabolism in the human body.

Principles of Naturokinetics®

The principles that form the body of knowledge referred to as NATUROKINETICS® are L-A-D-M-E.


Information regarding the release of a nutrient from a particular delivery system utilized in a dietary supplement. Delivery forms may include tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, and their variations. Protocol for Life Balance® products include information on the supplement disintegration (when applicable).


Describes the process of a nutrient entering the body’s fluids and tissues.


Describes the process and the amount of a nutrient entering the bloodstream, often referred as bioavailability. A significant number of Protocol for Life Balance® products have bioavailability studies conducted on the actual finished product. They can be found in the Naturokinetics® section of the information sheets for individual supplements.


Describes the process also known as biotransformation that converts nutrients and natural compounds into their metabolites.

The process is often described as Phase I and Phase II detoxification in connection with pharmacological agents or toxins. However, it is also highly relevant to nutrients and botanicals.


Describes the process, the routes, and the speed at which nutrient and natural compounds leaving the body, its fluids and tissues. This information may be particularly important to physicians concerned with their patients’ elimination function.