Protocol For Life Balance® is pleased to announce the addition of the latest in bacterial strain identification and control – the DuPont™ RiboPrinter® System. This new, automated molecular method provides speed, accuracy, reproducibility and reliability when assessing bacterial strains. NOW scientists utilize this powerful, cutting-edge tool to guarantee the identity, potency, and purity of the bacterial strains used in our probiotic products, as well as to help identify potential bacterial contaminants prior to production.

Probiotic Raw Materials

With our new RiboPrinter® Protocol For Life Balance® is able to test incoming probiotics to verify their identity and potency prior to introduction into production flow. The RiboPrinter® is able to identify individual strains through DNA assessment, the most accurate method developed to date. In addition, the actual potency of each individual strain can be validated and confirmed prior to production, and again after the finished product is produced.

This means Protocol For Life Balance® can guarantee the potency, purity and safety of all Protocol For Life Balance® probiotic products.

Other Raw Materials

Some raw materials are at increased risk for bacterial contamination due to certain factors, which can include country of origin, length of time in transit, natural vulnerabilities, and more.  In these instances, Protocol For Life Balance® technicians will employ the RiboPrinter® to test non-probiotic raw material samples and identify any and all strains of bacteria present. This allows us to rapidly and accurately assess a raw material’s purity and safety.

In instances where contamination with unwanted bacteria is detected, the raw material in question can be immediately quarantined, removed from production flow, and returned to the vendor for further assessment.

Probiotic Finished Goods

Once a probiotic formula has been produced, Protocol For Life Balance® quality control technicians once again employ the RiboPrinter® to verify potency after production, as well as ensure probiotic strain identity. In addition, long-term stability and shelf life can be confirmed.

Other Finished Goods

If bacterial contamination is ever suspected or indicated in non-probiotic finished products, the RiboPrinter®helps Protocol For Life Balance® technicians identify all bacterial strains present, allowing them to quickly assess whether a product is indeed contaminated.

Protocol For Life Balance® is committed to Product Safety and Quality

In today’s rapid supply and replenishment marketplace, the ability to identify bacterial contamination prior to introduction into the consumer supply chain is essential. With the addition of the DuPont™ RiboPrinter®, Protocol For Life Balance® is the only manufacturer in the natural products industry to possess the capability to accurately assess probiotic bacterial identity and potency, and identify potential contamination, in a matter of hours.