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Detoxification Support*

Chlorella, 400 mg


ITEM NUMBER: P2628 COUNT: 100 Veg Capsules View Technical Sheet Chlorella 100 Veg Capsules/400 mg -Chlorophyll & Other Phytonutrients -Broken Cell Wall How it Works:  Chlorella, a single-celled alga, is a storehouse of nutrients, including enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, RNA/DNA, phytonutrients and chlorophyll. The Chlorella used in this product has been milled to break its cell walls...

Curcumin (Turmeric Root Extract), 665 mg


ITEM NUMBER: P4638 COUNT: 60 Veg Capsules View Technical Sheet Curcumin (Turmeric Root Extract) 60 Veg Capsules / 665 mg -Standardized Extract -95% Curcuminoids How it Works:  Curcumin is the principle bioactive constituent present in the roots of Turmeric (Curcuma longa), a plant belonging to the ginger family. Turmeric has a long history of use in traditional Ayurvedic herbalism, and it has...

Liver Detox™


  ITEM NUMBER: P2448 COUNT: 90 Veg Capsules Liver Detox Support -Promotes Liver Health* -Comprehensive Detoxification Support* How it Works:  Liver Detox Support combines milk thistle extract with a unique herb-enzyme blend to create a balanced botanical formula for the support of healthy liver function.* This product also features glutathione, a potent free radical scavenger that also plays a...

Milk Thistle Extract, 300 mg / 80%


  ITEM NUMBER: P4739 COUNT: 90 Veg Capsules Milk Thistle Extract 90 Veg Capsules / 300 mg -Liver Support Formula* -With Artichoke & Dandelion How it Works:  Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used by traditional herbalists for centuries. Silymarin, an extract of milk thistle, is composed of a family of flavonoids, including Silybin, with smaller amounts of Silydianin and Silychristin. Milk...

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine), 600 mg


ITEM NUMBER: P0085COUNT: 100 Veg Capsules View Technical Sheet NACN-Acetyl-Cysteine - 600 mg-With Selenium & Molybdenum-Maintains Cellular Health*How it Works: N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) is a stable form of the non-essential amino acid cysteine. Cysteine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that acts as a stabilizer for the formation of protein structures.* Although NAC possesses its own free radical...

Ortho Dophilus™


ITEM NUMBER: P2912 COUNT: 60 Veg Capsules View Technical Sheet Ortho Dophilus™8 Strains & 4 Billion Per Capsule-With FOS / Dairy & Gluten Free-Supports Healthy Immune System & Healthy Digestion*How it Works:  Probiotic bacterial species are known to exist and thrive in the human digestive tract. These microorganisms assist in proper digestion, support detoxification, and are a necessary...