Naturokinetics® from Protocol For Life Balance®

What is Naturokinetics®?

At Protocol For Life Balance®, we define Naturokinetics® as a compilation of scientific data about how nutrients and natural substances are absorbed, distributed, metabolized by, and eliminated from, the body.

Naturokinetics® is based on the same scientific principals as pharmacokinetics, but customized for natural products that are non-drug, non-synthetic, and most of which are already a part of a normal healthy metabolism in the human body. We use this information as a foundation for formulating and validating dietary supplements found in this catalog in order to bring your patients the highest bioavailable, body-friendly and, ultimately, efficacious products.

The principles that form the body of knowledge referred to as Naturokinetics® are:

  • Liberation – information regarding the release of a nutrient from a particular delivery system utilized in a dietary supplement
  • Absorption – describes the process of a nutrient entering the body
  • Distribution – describes dissemination of the nutrient throughout the body fluids and tissues
  • Metabolism – describes process also known as biotransformation
  • Excretion – contains information regarding elimination of the nutrient and/or its metabolites from the body.

Together, these create a LADME algorithm that you will find incorporated in our products’ technical sheets.

Since the inception of the Naturokinetics® program we found it to be the most useful approach in avoiding common pitfalls when selecting ingredients and maximizing bioavailability of the dietary supplements offered by Protocol For Life Balance®. We are dedicated to making this valuable information accessible to you because we believe it will help you to create the most efficacious and nutritionally sound program for your patients.

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